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Auto Updates

Are you having difficulty performing simple tasks on your servers? We can do it for you with convenience and safety.

Modern Softwares

We offer a range of services whether it is DEDICATED, CLOUD or VPS to surprise our customers expectations.

Daily Backups

No problem with missing backups we can make it easy for you to hire our automatic backup system.

All over the world!

We offer servers in many parts of the world! If you cannot find a server in the region you need to contact our support

Advanced Protection!

All our servers are integrated with modern security tools, so rest assured, your project is in good hands.

Free Support!

We offer unlimited support for all services provided here, but if you want agility hire a support plan unique to you, we are at your service 24/7.

Enjoy! Our stock may run out at any time.

Cloud 3

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8 vCPU + 4.3GHz

16 Gigas de memoria DDR4

240 Gigas SSD

Até 1Gbps

Minas Gerais ,


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2 vCPU

1 Gigas de memoria DDR4

25 Gigas SSD

Até 1GBps

Minas Gerais ,

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DEDICATED with capacity (32,64,124 up to 300GB)
CLOUD with capacity (4,6,8,10 up to 32GB)
VPS with capacity (4,6,8,10 up to 32GB)
Custom Web Site, Choose your Theme.
Branding (Banners, Logos, Business Cards etc.)
Perfect World related consultancy
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